Monday, November 10, 2008

Nobody Craps the bed.....

Like Dick Jauron (although Trent Edwards is giving him a run for his money). I watched the opening series yesterday and decided to go for a run, figuring the Bills' luck would turn by the time I got back (or that Edwards would get knocked out of the game and Losman would get to take another turn).

No such luck.

Dick, Dick, Dick... by half time I had tallied 4 fire-able offenses:

1. Not challenging the Wes Welker completion on the sideline. This is at least the second time you've failed to challenge a call that would have been overturned. What else do you have to do on the sideline? You're not coaching, so I'm not sure what else is left. At least Marty Schottenheimer would yell and scream while on the sidelines to cover up the fact that he stopped coaching years ago.

2. Forgetting that you have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. 9 first half carries followed by 4 in the second half last week? This team's strength should be running the rock with timely passes by Edwards and the occasional 40 yard bomb sprinkled in.

3. Punting on 4th and 3 from the Pats' 39 with time running out in the first half. That's a real weak call down by 7 in a, let's face it, must win game (Div record now? 0-3). But even worse?

4. CALLING A TIME OUT AND THEN DECIDING TO PUNT. This was utterly moronic and it cost the Bills as they let the Pats be able to run out the clock in the first half when they stood a shot of getting the ball back to run a play. If you were going to punt, THAT ONLY MAKES SENSE IF YOU THINK YOU CAN GET THE BALL BACK. Taking a time out before the punt ensures that you will not get it back. Basically, you're taking a knee, happy with a 7 point deficit when a 4th and 3 conversion (which stands probably about a 40% chance of success) practically guarantees you field goal range, and gives you a possibility of more.

Dick, those drums are getting louder, and I hear a fife playing a tune. Sounds something like this:

"When Dickie Jauron gets fired again, hurrah, hurrah/
We'll give him a tasteful send-off then, hurrah, hurrah/
The fans will cheer, the press will shout/
'They finally turned that moron out'/
And we'll all feel gay/
When Dickie's sent on his way"

Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you hear that?

It's the soft pitter patter of a snare drum from somewhere over a fog-shrouded hill... soon to be followed by the deep beat of the bass drum and the syncopated sound of marching feet. The drumbeat is getting louder Dick. Don't go all wobbly on us now.

Oct. 19 - 5-1
Nov. 7 - 5-3