Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We all have it coming, kid.

If there's one thing I know about the Buffalo Bills it's that they never blow leads on Monday Night Football against a heavily favored opponent...

My facebook status at approximately 9:45 last night.

5 and a half minutes to go, an 11 point lead, what could possibly go wrong. In all fairness to the most underwhelming coach in football (pip pip cheerio Dick!), I can't lay much of the blame for that debacle at Jauron's feet. Sure, the Patriots had almost a 2-1 time of possession advantage resulting a surely gassed Bills D down the stretch, sure the Bills lost 2 of their prime defensive stoppers which should have caused the Bills to move to a more possession-oriented game, sure the Bills burned a time out coming out of the return of possession after the Pats second TD, but the main reasons for last night's 25-24 loss were the fundamental flaws in this team:
  • Weak-ass offensive line that, when it isn't committing holding penalties, is giving up key sacks late in the game;
  • Weakness in the secondary - getting burned twice on the same TE post pattern would be inexcusable if it wasn't so funny;
  • Lack of defensive depth - the Bills were all over Brady in the first half, but could barely get any pressure on him in the second half after Kelsay went out and their D got tired from having to be on the field so much.
And of course, there's McKelvin:

Oh and this is great - looks like we won't be seeing Posluszny any time soon.

Anyway, next week is another week. (checks schedule - home game against Tampa. Surely the Bills can win this one?)

This week's estimate of Dick Jauron termination date: Monday, November 2.