Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We all have it coming, kid.

If there's one thing I know about the Buffalo Bills it's that they never blow leads on Monday Night Football against a heavily favored opponent...

My facebook status at approximately 9:45 last night.

5 and a half minutes to go, an 11 point lead, what could possibly go wrong. In all fairness to the most underwhelming coach in football (pip pip cheerio Dick!), I can't lay much of the blame for that debacle at Jauron's feet. Sure, the Patriots had almost a 2-1 time of possession advantage resulting a surely gassed Bills D down the stretch, sure the Bills lost 2 of their prime defensive stoppers which should have caused the Bills to move to a more possession-oriented game, sure the Bills burned a time out coming out of the return of possession after the Pats second TD, but the main reasons for last night's 25-24 loss were the fundamental flaws in this team:
  • Weak-ass offensive line that, when it isn't committing holding penalties, is giving up key sacks late in the game;
  • Weakness in the secondary - getting burned twice on the same TE post pattern would be inexcusable if it wasn't so funny;
  • Lack of defensive depth - the Bills were all over Brady in the first half, but could barely get any pressure on him in the second half after Kelsay went out and their D got tired from having to be on the field so much.
And of course, there's McKelvin:

Oh and this is great - looks like we won't be seeing Posluszny any time soon.

Anyway, next week is another week. (checks schedule - home game against Tampa. Surely the Bills can win this one?)

This week's estimate of Dick Jauron termination date: Monday, November 2.


Philip said...

Way too many offensive penalties. While you rightfully pointed out this was not Dick Jauron's fault, it was still great to see the "Dick Jauron Face" in full force last night. Ugh, what happened.

Jay said...

I agree - some due to the youth of the O line no doubt.

To be honest, I turn away every time they cut to the bench. I can't stand watching Jauron look confused. He's reminding me more and more of Romeo Crennel each day.

westfieldrental said...

Jauron's hand has been forced here. The Bills are looking good after the first 2 starts of the year. Wilson made him can Turk and that allowed Van Pelt to jump in and shine. We haven't had a creative offense in years!

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