Tuesday, October 9, 2007

GO UB Bulls

Glad to see there are some visitors from U.B. to the site. Thanks for stopping by. I went to high school at Williamsville North, so I'm sure you agree that our respective football teams were about equally talented.

Seriously though, GO Bulls.

Don't forget to sign the petition.

More tomorrow, including an analysis of every bad decision Dickie Don't made in the Monday Night Game, as well as some questionable calls from Game 1 (how soon we forget).

If Dennis Green were our coach, we would be 3-2.

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Philip said...

Dennis Green comment would probably be true. Denny Green heading into the year has 6 more wins in the same number of years coaching than Jeff Fisher, HQ of the Tenn Titans has. Fisher has only taken the Titans to the playoffs 4 times. Green has taken his teams to playoffs 8 times. Yet somehow Fisher is the longest tenured coach in the NFL and just got contract extended.