Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hello all.

A quick note - I wanted the domain name firedickjauron.com, but it is already taken and the owner has not responded to my repeated offers for purchase (I guess he is shellshocked into submission from the Jauron in Lions era).

Anyway, this blog is the beginning of a grass roots effort to fire Dick Jauron (and hopefully Brian Fairchild) for their crimes against Bills fandom. To wit:

1. Throwing a bomb on Third and 2 in Game 1 against Denver.
2. Playing soft defense and allowing Denver to move into field goal position in the same game.
3. Playing a ridiculously buttoned-up game against Pittsburgh.
4. Almost blowing Game 4 against the Jets with conservative defensive playcalling.
5. Botching the Monday Night game against the Cowboys in a myriad number of ways.
6. Generally being doofuses.

Come one, come all, Email me with ideas to topple Dick and his staff. Time is short. If we're stuck with this guy beyond this year, I will weep for the future of the Bills.


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