Friday, October 16, 2009

Gotta Give Some Props....

To Fire Dick Jauron, the site I tried to buy 2 years ago. I never heard back from the original owner, but this guy was able to get the site, and has done a great job re-tooling its look (and has apparently gotten some pub from WIVB in Buffalo). So go on over and check his site out. While we're at it - some other great Buffalo-centric sites that you should look at are:

Goose's Roost - mostly Sabres talk, but some biting stuff on Dick as well

Bfloblog - Indymedia source for all sports things Buffalo

Buffalo Rumblings
- Horrible layout, but very intricate Bills personnel bits.

Well.. that's it for tonight. Until later, I leave you with this (it's been floating around teh interwebs lately):

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