Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Housecleaning and Where I Stand on Dick

Well, where I stand should be painfully obvious. I'm of the opinion that Dick got his job due to shady Ivy League connections, is the personification of the Peter Principle and who probably has cataracts (why else would he wear those Fugly sunglasses)? But I cross-posted the following to flesh out the abortion that is your Buffalo Bills in the comments - it's not all Dick's fault, but someone's gotta go:
This is the thing - he was a bad hire from the get go. He parlayed one good season* into some idea that he actually knew what he was doing. Peter Principle, people.

*(that was seriously lucky and fluky by the way - nobody seems to remember all of those overtime wins and Mike Brown TAINTs in that magical season. Take away that magical 13-3 and Jauron was 22-42, an approximately .350 winning percentage)

Now added to that are poor personnel decisions (signing that fat stiff Peters in the first place instead of developing someone who could actually contribute this year; sticking with Edwards, signing TO instead of beefing up the O-Line and secondary), obscenely poor coordinators the past few years (Fairchild was a joke) and an owner who just doesn't seem to care anymore, and you have a recipe for misery.

I still say 11/2/09 is Dick's Day of Reckoning.

At least this is somewhat promising.

But who would replace Disaster Dick? Nobody from inside the organization, as far as I can tell, has remotely relevant experience. To wit:
  • Bobby April - 18 years in the NFL; Assistant Head Coach/ST Coach with the Bills. Has never been a head coach or coordinator in his career. Bills' version of Dante Scarnecchia.
  • Perry Fewell - Love the hat, but he's been a D coordinator for only 3 years and I'd be surprised w/o a "real" O-coordinator (we'll get to Van Pelt) if a defensive specialist was given the reins.
  • Alex Van Pelt - Josh McDaniels and Jon Gruden are the obvious parallels (and Gary Kubiak I guess) , but Mc-D was O-coordinator for 8 years under Belichick and Kubiak has been a bust. Gruden is a little more interesting a parallel, but even he had more coaching experience than Van Pelt (3 years as O-coordinator in Philly before assuming the reins in Oakland).
Van Pelt is the most likely interim candidate - which makes me wonder whether Wilson would pull the plug this year at all.

Answer? In the immortal words of Adriana La Cerva: "He'd f*cking bettuh".

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