Monday, October 26, 2009

One Week Reprieve

It was still ugly and the win was due more to Carolina ineptitude than Bills performance, still, there will be no calling for the coach's head today after the 20-9 win yesterday.

But I can't let this from Peter King's MMQB go without comment:

Coach of the Week

Dick Jauron, head coach, Buffalo

Meaningless games beckoned earlier this month, with sprouting billboards calling for Jauron's job as the Bills stared at a two-game trip to the Jets and Panthers. During the visit to the Jets, a quarterback from Harvard, Ryan Fitzpatrick, was asked to save a season, and the Bills won in overtime. On Sunday they got past a bad Carolina team in Charlotte. This won't get the billboards overtaken, but the past eight days showed this team still plays for Jauron.

Just like Mike Lombardi last week - if the best that can be said for a coach is that the "team plays for him", well that's setting a pretty low bar, isn't it? Shouldn't fans expect that a coach commands enough respect to get his players to play hard? That's what they're being paid for, right? Shouldn't fans also expect aggressive, yet reasonable, playcalling? So, when you have a 3rd and 2 late in the game, don't call an end around to T.O. - call a screen to Evans or a quick crossing pass play to T.O. The ensuing fumbled punt return bailed Jauron out of that one.

O.k., I lied - I did have a comment to make on the playcalling.

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