Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whither Bill Cowher

One thing I keep hearing from disgruntled Bills fans is "why don't we just get Cowher in here"?

Setting aside the fact that Jauron is under contract through 2011 and the fact that Cowher seems to be enjoying himself in retirement, why would Cowher ditch his cushy studio job in the middle of the season for the frigid sidelines of Orchard Park (and Toronto)? Especially when the following other jobs are likely his for the taking in 2010:
  • Dallas - whoo boy, you just know crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat Jerry Jones wants to dump Wade (last successful Bills coach) Phillips. Cowher would be the perfect fit for a team that needs a little toughening up and a little stronger leadership. And there are great skill positions in place on offense and defense (Romo, Barber/Jones/Choice, Williams, Ware). Will depend on whether Dallas gets a WC spot or not. 9-7 or worse and Wade is toast.
  • San Diego - it's year 3 of the Norv Turner experience. With Denver running away with the West, San Diego will be left to compete with the likes of Baltimore, Miami/Jets/Patriots for a WC spot. If they don't get it (even if they go 10-6), I can see a splashy move (it's not like Randy Smith is afraid of firing a successful coach - he Turk'd Schottenheimer pretty quickly). Then ask yourself - who would you rather have - Rivers/LDT/Gates/V-Jack, or Edwards/Lynch/Owens/Evans? Thought so.
  • Tennessee/Carolina/Washington/Jacksonville - These are all relatively comparable to the Bills given their personnel (and in DC's case, ownership) situations; still, Cowher may prefer them for one reason (geography in the case of Carolina or Tennessee) or exposure (in the case of Washington).
Obviously Cowher will have his pick of the litter if he decides to come back in 2010. There are at least 2 jobs that are much more appealing than the Bills position and others that he may like for personal reasons (he lives in North Carolina, so the Panthers job would look pretty appealing).

Sorry, Bills fans, we're going to be stuck with this guy for a little while yet:And hopefully, we won't end up with this guy next year:


Philip said...

It would be of no surprise to get Wade Phillips up in Buffalo. They will go the cheap, young assistant coach route. Guaranteed.

Jay said...

Probably true. Their coaches since Phillips? Jauron (failed coach 2 times over), Mularkey (O-coordinator w/ Pittsburgh), Williams (high school head coach and defensive coordinator).