Sunday, October 11, 2009

In all Fairness to Dick

His players didn't help much today.

You may have noticed that posting has been light here at Fire Dick Jauron! Central. Well, that's mainly because I really don't give a $hit about Dick or this team at this point. I mean, we are talking about Hank Bullough Kay Stephenson levels of incompetence here, aren't we? Anyway, as a service to you, my faithful reader (I've checked sitemeter, there's only one), here are some lowlights from today's "game":
  • 13 accepted penalties costing the Bills 75 yards, at least half of which were false starts. At home.
  • punting on 4th and 1 from their own 40 with 4 minutes to play. Not to recycle Tuesday Morning QB's shtick, but the Bills are 1-3, they are playing the freaking Browns, they've actually been moderately successful running the ball. Going for it here instills confidence in your players Dick, that you believe in them. Instead, he sends in the punter. Congratulations. Now you are 1-4.
  • Once again, an unimaginative playbook. Short passes, checkdowns, straight-up rushing offense.
  • Ridiculous sunglasses. Sporting those is a fireable offense in itself.
Yes, the expiration date has well passed on the sour carton of milk that is Dick Jauron. I can smell the putridity from New York City, 420 miles away. It's long past time, Mr. Wilson. Or do you enjoy a .200 winning percentage (this year and over the last 15 games).

The 2001 Bears was a long time ago.


Ivabigun said...

Lets face it, Jauron is still the head coach because alot of players made a case to keep him. I'm sorry but likeable head coaches by the players equates to a losing season. Buffalo needs an Ass kicking coach that the players don't like. When the players dictate what goes on - hang it up Ralph ! The Fans have had enough Mr. Wilson ! Get out your checkbook and get some talent in Buffalo.

tjeerd said...

I say fire Dick tonite after that miserable loss. Open the vault for Bill Cowher. Let him control all football opps. Let Branden be the GM, but Bill has final say. Brandon must report to Cowher.

Charlieopera said...

The horror ... nice guys gets championship hats (somebody say Marv Levy) ... Championship coaches get RINGS ... Dick Jauron is the NFL's latest version of Alan Alda ... we want General Patton (Mike Singletary) ... until that happens, it'll be like Ground Hog day ...

What other organization in the world would play December home games against division rivals in a Dome in Toronto?

The same morons who would run the no huddle/no win offense after trading the only lineman who could block ...

You'd think losing 4 consecutive super bowls in the no huddle/no win might register with somebody in that fugazy organization ... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The horror ...

GTBMuckface said...

i support this page.

good on ya man.

Gilbert Van Norman said...

Here is my issue...penalties and a string of injuries is all about conditioning and dicipline. That is what it comes down to...we need someone like Bill Cowher to whip them into the mindset that is needed to win.

Jay said...

This is the thing - he was a bad hire from the get go. He parlayed one good season (that was seriously lucky and fluky by the way - doesn't anyone remember all of those overtime wins and INTs in that magical season?) into some idea that he actually knew what he was doing. Peter Principle, people.

Now added to that are poor personnel decisions (signing that fat stiff Peters in the first place instead of developing someone who could actually contribute this year; sticking with Edwards, signing TO instead of beefing up the O-Line and secondary), obscenely poor coordinators the past few years (Fairchild was a joke) and an owner who just doesn't seem to care anymore, and you have a recipe for misery.

I still say 11/2/09 is Dick's Day of Reckoning.